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Why Followers form the Life Line of the Instagram?

This digital revolution that started in 2011 has now over 700 million active users and a whooping 4.2 billion likes done every day on the app. Now comes the big question why buy instagram followers? Well the answer seeming difficult is rather very simple- you are not a celebrity and your friend base is limited so how can you get thousands of followers so that you become a instant fame in whatever you do, yes you got it now you just buy instagram followers.

The recent years have seen a massive increase in social media usage, and this phenomenon is not limited to any country or continent, it is seeing a global addiction towards it. And instagram is one of the main players in this social media pedigree. The revolutionary social media too which has lit the whole world with its consuming fire, if you are a active social media person it’s inevitable that you are active on instagram.

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Some Intresting Marketing Facts About Instagram

  • 63% of Instagramers like 1 media per day and about 34% over 11 media per day.
  • Instagram is definitely progressive media channel as 66% users are women and 34% men.
  • The rush hour of Instagram is 8pm to 9.30 pm, and 33% publication is done on weekend.
  • 72% of Instagramers searched for a brand, and 32% follow brand of their choice.
  • 1 to 6 brands are followed 39% Instagramers while 30% follow more than 5 brands.
  • 45% of Instagramers decide the brand while surfing Brand’s instagram page.
  • Almost all celebrities endorse their products in their Instagram page.
  • 86% of Instagram users are influenced by products and brands flashed on Instagram.

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