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4 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

4 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

How do you get more likes on Instagram? Here’s a few different approaches and tips you can follow to boost your popularity on the photo-sharing app. Instagram has more than 700 million users who have shared a whopping 40 billion-plus photos – so what can you do to get noticed?

4 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

Get More Likes on Instagram

1. Grow Your Following:

The secret to the success in Instagram depends upon the follower count, so if you want to as famous as kim khardhashian or ketty perry, the only ways is to increase your followers count. Now that is really tricky. Growing your Instagram following and attracting highly engaged fans is the best long-term strategy for getting more likes on your posts. Finding a niche to attract other like-minded people and communities interested in the same subject, product, hobby or business as you is a great way to give your Instagram profile a boost.

2. Like, Follow and Comment:

Another way to get more followers is to like, follow and comment on other similar accounts, this will encourage others users to follow you back.

3. Businesses

Businesses can also attract new customers by following and interacting with competitors’ followers. Taking the time to write a worthwhile comment on an influencer’s page can also pay dividends.

4. Hashtags and captions:

Choosing relevant hashtags are essential if you want to see the likes rolling in.
Once your start typing a hashtag, you can see the most popular ones from Instagram’s suggested lists. So it’s probably best to avoid nonsensical hashtags like #OMGICantBelieveWhatIJustSawWithMyEyes.
Boring captions won’t help when it comes to boosting engagement. Asking a question, including a fun emoji or an emotive caption is likely to boost sharing and engagement.

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