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9 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Quickly and Organically

Realize that It Takes Time and Effort to Grow Your Instagram Organically

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Grow Your Instagram Account Quickly and Organically

I know this is not the sort of “tip” you’re looking for and that I quite literally just contradicted myself by first saying “quickly” and then “it takes time”. Instant gratification only in buy cheap instagram followers we get, I promise, the rest will be more in line with what you were expecting from this post. But I wanted to start off by stating the obvious (or maybe not so obvious) thing first.

Yes, there are accounts that can explode seemingly overnight or that grow way faster than others. There is always going to be someone doing it faster, better, etc. than you. That’s just a fact of life and, without competition to keep us on our toes, where would we get our drive? But, no matter where in your Instagram journey you are, there are ways in which you can speed up organic growth and hopefully this post will help you with that. Just remember, it is hard work, and you’ll be spending a ton of time on Instagram if you want your account to grow the right way.

Pick a Niche and Stick With It

When someone comes to your instagram, they should get a good feel for what you’re about without having to scroll very far through your feed. If they then click the “follow” button, it’s because they like what they see and want to see more. Your followers need to be able to easily recognize your images as they scroll through their feed. That’s not to say you can’t cover topics outside of your chosen niche – you absolutely can. But always try and tie it back to your overall feed’s theme. Your followers followed you for a reason, so give them a reason to stick around.

For me, for example, when I post something about fitness or women’s fashion (two topics I don’t cover as often and that don’t fit quite as nicely into my “motherhood in our modern, Scandinavian home” niche), I try and take my photo in a popular room in my house or make sure to include one or both of my kids (e.g. a yoga pose with my kitchen in the background, or a mirror selfie of my outfit with Isabelle in the shot with me).

Take Good Quality Photos Where Everything is in Focus

I don’t think it doesn’t really matter what camera you use (phone vs. SLR), as long as your photos are good quality (aka taken in bright, natural light if you’re photographing with an iPhone). I personally prefer a good camera because I want each of my photos to be crisp and, in my dark house, that’s just not possible with an iPhone. On the other hand, there are plenty of fashion bloggers I know who have switched to posting only iPhone photos on their Instagram (vs. SLR photos on their blog) because those seem to perform better.

Brittany, for example, takes the same photo with both an iPhone and SLR camera and will post the iPhone pic to Instagram and the SLR photo to her blog. I don’t really see a big difference in iPhone vs SLR camera on my own feed (but, to be fair, I mainly photograph with my SLR / mirrorless), but what I have noticed is that photos with a large depth of field – ones where every part of the photo is in focus – do better than those with a blurred background (narrow depth of field or bokeh).

I personally love the soft bokeh effect, but Instagram does not (compare this photo with this one), so I now photograph as “flat” as possible, no matter the camera I use. (Not sure if “flat” is the right word, but a photo where everything is in focus looks flatter to me than a photo where only a small portion is on focus, so I’m going with “flat”.) I’m honestly not sure why flat photography does better, but my own interpretation is that this style of photo is easier to achieve with a phone, so it’s a more “accessible” approach (aka someone can easily recreate it with their phone vs. a beautiful blurred photo which would require them to buy and master an expensive camera).

Engage With Those You Follow

Don’t spend all your time engaging with new accounts and leave those accounts you’re already following in the dust. With the new algorithm, Instagram decides who they will show your photo to. Most people agree that the first 15 or so minutes are what Instagram uses to decide if your photo is interesting enough to keep showing or if they’ll bury it way down in your followers’ feeds. You need your own followers to engage with your photo right off the bat. When you engage with those you follow on a regular basis, they’ll be more likely to double tap and leave a comment when they see your photo pop up in their feed.

This creates greater initial engagement on your photos which, in turn, makes Instagram show it to more people. Engagement creates engagement, simple as that.My rule of thumb is that, when I’m scrolling through my news feed, I’ll like every photo (unless it truly offends me) – why should I be stingy with my likes? And if a photo catches my eye and makes me stop for a second, I’ll leave a comment.

Thus you its not as easy as it looks so be cool and relax you always have an way out through buy instagram followers.

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